Complete Solution for Dental Materials

Complete Solution for Dental Materials

Complete Solution for Dental Materials

Prepared by experienced teachers
Covers entire BDS syllabus of DCI
Studying techniques and motivation
Answer presentation methods
Well planned ideal answer for long essays, short essays and brief answers
Brief introduction & conclusion for every answer
Simple line diagrams

  1. Introduction
  2. General Properties of Matter
  3. Impression Materials
  4. Gypsum Products
  5. Polymerization
  6. Prosthetic Applications of Polymer Resins
  7. Biocompatibility Aspects of Dental Materials
  8. Restorative Dental Cements
  9. Composite Resins
  10. Bonding Agents
  11. Direct Filling Gold
  12. Dental Amalgam
  13. Dental Porcelain
  14. Dental Waxes
  15. Casting Investment Materials
  16. Metallurgy (solidification, microstructure and heat treatments of metals and alloys)
  17. Casting Alloys in Dentistry
  18. Outline of Dental Alloy Castings
  19. Orthodontic Materials (wrought alloys)
  20. Soldering and Welding
  21. Tarnish and Corrosion
  22. Dental Implants Materials
  23. Cutting and Finishing Materials
  24. Question and Answers Related to All the Topics
  25. Sample Question Papers of Various Universities

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  • Година: 2012
  • Издателство: Jaypee Brothers
  • Страници: 468
  • Корица: мека
  • ISBN 978-9-35-025956-6

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