Basic Dental Materials

Basic Dental Materials

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Dental Materials Science covers the scientific perspective of all the materials used in dentistry. Their biological, chemical, physical, mechanical and optical properties are illustrated in detail in this book. The clinical aspects of dental materials covered in this book enable the clinicians as well as the academicians to upgrade their knowledge in the field of dentistry.

This book is divided into basic dental materials science, laboratory and clinical dental materials, and detailed information about each material has been provided along with the figures wherever necessary. This also gives the information about the modifications, developments and recent advances in dental materials. The definitive confinement of each chapter, along with conclusive suggestions for further reading, makes this book unique.




Jaypee Brothers







  1. Dentistry and Dental Materials
  2. Basic Nature and Properties of Dental Materials
  3. Biological Considerations of Dental Materials
  4. Tarnish and Corrosion
  5. Introduction to Restorations, Luting and Pulp Therapy
  6. Cavity Liners and Varnish
  7. Dental Cements
  8. Dental Amalgam
  9. Direct Filling Gold
  10. Composite Resins and Bonding Agents
  11. Rigid Impression Materials
  12. Elastic Impression Materials – Agar and Alginate
  13. Elastomeric Impression Materials
  14. Model, Cast and Die Materials
  15. Gypsum Products
  16. Waxes in Dentistry
  17. Dental Casting Investments
  18. Casting Procedures
  19. Dental Casting Alloys
  20. Abrasion and Polishing Agents
  21. Dental Ceramics
  22. Wrought Alloys
  23. Brazing and Welding
  24. Dental Implant Materials
  25. Denture Resins and Polymers
  26. Appendix
  27. Further Reading
  28. Index


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